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Prescribed regular safety technical control

ALEX provides the technical control of apparatus subject to regulation notably those mentioned in Executive orders 90-245 and 90-246 and 91-05 :

  • Apparatus under steam and gas pressure (commonly called APVG)
  • Lifting apparatus (commonly called APL) ; 
  • Electrical installations (commonly called APE). 
The apparatus subject to regulation are those equipments whose dysfunction can affect the safety of goods and people.

Inspections are carried out by registered inspectors authorized by the D.P.E.M (Direction of Energetic and Mining Patrimony) according to check-lists abiding by international standards, the applied norms and codes being: ASME, ASTM, API, NF, NA et ISO.

These controls bear a legal character. Their results are recorded in a register signed by the territorially competent labour inspector according to article 32 of act 88-07 related to health and safety in the working environment.